Tree Table Collection by April Hannah

Tree Table Collection by April Hannah

Den amerikanske designer April Hannah har lavet en serie møbler med direkte inspiration fra naturens verden.

Der har de seneste år været en tydelig trend i moderne design, hvor naturens formsprog bliver fremhævet og fortolket. April Hannah er en tydelig eksponent for dette, og har designet en serie møbler inspireret af træernes geometri.

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Tree Table Collection by April Hannah - in english

The American designer April Hannah has made a series of furniture directly inspired from nature. In recent years there has been a clear trend in contemporary design, where nature's shapes are highlighted and interpreted. April Hannah is a clear exponent of this and has designed a series of tables inspired by the geometry of trees. Grounded in nature and the modernist tradition the collection offers a refreshing solution. The simple yet sophisticated, playful lines accented by a bold use of color complement any room, an important requirement for the city dwelling parent. The large working surface and height are sized to accommodate older children (5-10 years old). “As a mother and as a friend to many urban parents, I found a great need for a larger table and seat for children beyond the toddler years yet not quite big enough for the adult table or desk. The aesthetic of the table needed to be kid-friendly while engaging parents with modern simplicity. When you are a parent in New York City you know their stuff is going to be in your space." ~ April Hannah