Public Architects in Riga

Public Architects in Riga

Danske Public Arkitekter har netop deltaget i en konkurrence om en ny lufthavn i Riga, Letland.

Arkitekterne lægger i deres forslag vægt på at skabe et byggeri med betydelig brandingkarakter for byen, og desuden at skabe et transparent og extrovert lufthavnsbyggeri.

Læs alle detaljer i den engelske pressemeddelelse:

Om Christoffer Steenbeck

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Public Architects in Riga - in english

Public Architects believe that airport travelling is much more than just a matter of infrastructure and travelling. Great airport architecture lays the foundation of excellent city branding. Check out Public Architects' proposal for a new Airport in Riga, which makes travelling to Riga an attraction in itself. Airports as city branding Typically airports tend to be introvert and mere function oriented. But we believe that the connection between travelling by air, arriving at the airport and continuing the journey to the city is much more than just a matter of infrastructure. The architecture, city planning and infrastructure combined play a major role in city branding; because it lays the foundation for a lively city life and thus a great city. Urgent need for flexibility Public Architects recently participated in the competition about a new airport in Riga, Latvia. The project proposal aims at creating a unique take off experience showing that airports can actually be attractive and extroverted. Also, our proposal makes sure that there's daylight everywhere and views to the surrounding close-by woods everywhere in the building. The proposal focuses on flexibility, because international airports in general has a major need for increased efficiency and rethinking, as the conditions in air traffic has changed substantially over the past years: The number of air lines has increased significantly and security measurements have been intensified. These trends create completely different needs for the logistics in an international airport. Our proposal offers a unique flexibility and possibilities for easy expansion as the airport grows. New travelling patterns At Public Architects we're aware of and study the new travel patterns in international traffic intensely. We have made it focal point to create better settings for the new travel patterns at airports and railway stations. Airports in general need better flow as more and more low-cost airlines enter the market.