Billedserie af de kuraterede værker i Mindcraft, som udstilles i Milano i forbindelse med Zona Tortona i år.

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Designer Ole Jensen

Om Christoffer Steenbeck

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MINDCRAFT 2 - in english

Shh … Craft is Golden! Picture article/part 2 Danish Crafts’ debut in Zona Tortona last year was such a resounding success that Danish Crafts is present once again in Zona Tortona during the Milan Design Week. This time with the exhibition “Shh ... Craft is Golden!”, which showcases 12 of Denmark’s finest craftspeople and designers. The exhibition is on display 21 through 26 April 2009 in Zona Tortona, Via Savona 55a. Danish craft and design is currently in a unique position and enjoys great international recognition and demand. With the exhibition “Shh … Craft is Golden!”, Danish Crafts wishes to introduce the world to the huge potential, the gold, to be found in Danish craft and illustrate the great rewards awaiting anyone wishing to explore the world of craft. The title refers to the old adage, “speech is silver; silence is golden”, and thus, the exhibition highlights the values inherent in craft. In this case, the gold consists of 12 reflective, mirroring, luminescent, rotating, crawling and, not least, provoking works that speak for themselves with great integrity thus demonstrating that this is the real thing. MINDCRAFT x 12 This year, 12 craftspeople and designers from Denmark’s absolute elite present 12 completely new works, and as in last year’s MINDCRAFT exhibition, the works on display represent more than just material and technical skill. Characteristically, all the works are as much an artistic comment to the world we live in, and they all present the beholder with content rather than surface. Last year, Danish Crafts’ exhibition MINDCRAFT had more than 10,000 visitors, and in September 2008 when the exhibition was presented at 100% design in London, MINDCRAFT received the award for “Best Contribution to 100% design”. Tied powercraft, circle lights and a bunch of hanging drawers The 12 craft artists participating in this year’s exhibition are: Furniture designers Louise Campbell, Cecilie Manz, Ditte Hammerstrøm, Salto & Sigsgaard and Christian Flindt Textile designer Astrid Krogh Ceramicists Louise Hindsgavl, Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl, Christin Johansson and Steen Ipsen Goldsmith Kim Buck Designer Ole Jensen The designers selected for this exhibition are all internationally acknowledged designers with professional design training. Furniture designer Louise Campbell creates designs for the Italian furniture maker Zanotta, among others, and for several world-renowned Danish manufactures including Royal Copenhagen, Holmegaard, Louis Poulsen and Hay Cph. Furniture designer Kasper Salto creates designs for the world-renowned Danish furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen, and furniture designer Ditte Hammerstrøm’s clients include the Danish furniture manufacturer Erik Jørgensen. Ceramicist Ole Jensen is known around the world for his washing-up bowl in rubber, which was launched by Danish Crafts and is now manufactured by Normann Copenhagen. Since the launch, the bowl has become a world-wide success. Ole Jensen also designed the series “Ole” for Royal Copenhagen. Designer Cecilie Manz is known for the lamp Caravaggio, which she designed for the Danish lamp manufacturer Light Years, as well as the glass series Minima for Holmegaard. Goldsmith Kim Buck designed the ring series Eclipse, Centenary and Nordic Summer for Georg Jensen. The exhibition is curated and designed by Karen Kjærgaard. Featured designer on Dagens Design: Steen Ibsen www.steen-ipsen.dk