Det argentinske arkitektbureau Lucio Morini har sent os deres seneste fuldførte projekt for Córdoba Province City of the Arts.

Det er et studiekompleks, bestående af 10 studier i 2 plan med dobbelthøjde i stuen, og har til opgave at fungere som kreative boliger for musikere, kunstnere mm. i en afgrænset periode.

Om Christoffer Steenbeck

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LUCIO MORINI - in english

10 STUDIOS FOR ARTISTS DESIGNED BY LUCIO MORINI ARCHITECTS These studios belong to the Córdoba Province City of the Arts, a campus housing painting, sculpture, photography, and music schools. They are to be lent to invited artists for short periods of time, so that they can live and work in them and develop their work within a private realm, while sharing their life and work experience with the students. A continuous strip defining the edge of an interior plaza, it holds 10 studios -8 for painters and 2 for sculptors- with a nearly identical design. Each studio is a 2 story unit with a double height, glass-enclosed space facing either south (painters´ units) or north (sculptors´ units) A large lifting glass door allows the interior of the studio to merge with the plaza. The bedroom and toilet are located on the first floor, and the living, dining and cooking space on the second, which allows their expansion towards an open terrace. The building is shaped by a sequence of parallel planes, a U-glass plane towards the south, and a transparent glass façade facing north. The latter is covered by a system of folding, perforated-metal shutters which vary in transparency depending on the light conditions and position; producing variations in the façade pattern. Project title: ATELIERS CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Location: Cordoba, Argentina Completion / construction: 2006-2007 Architects: Lucio Morini + GGMPU Architects – Gramatica/Morini/Pisani/Urtubey Project Manager: Iciar Lecuona Structural engineer: Fragueiro & Novillo Eng. Client: IECSA S.A. - Electroingeniería S.A. Building area: 950 m2