House in Curitiba

The white stuccoed villa is designed by Brazilian Una Arquitetos and is 313 m2.

Although it is designet and is located in Brazil, the house has an almost Scandinavian and modernist look to it. A very controlled and graphic design when you consider the location.

The house is distinguished by having a very large covered atrium that splits the house into two sections. It gives a cool outdoor area from the heat of Brazil, and reveals that the house is not designet in skandinavia after all.

Design phase: 2002

Construction phase: 2005

Site area: 892,55m²

Built área: 313,60m²

Building Contractor: Marcolla Arquitetura e Construções Ltda.

Concrete structure: Benedicts Engenharia

Installations: Rogesul Engenharia e Construções Ltda.

Lighting design: Ricardo Heder / Reka

Om Christoffer Steenbeck

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