Henning Larsen in Georgia

Henning Larsen in Georgia

Mens vi venter på den danske pressemeddelelse, kan man med fordel læse den engelske tekst til den nye vundne konkurrence fra Henning Larsen Arkitekter. Det er et kæmpe hotelbyggeri i den georgiske by Abastumani, som oser af luksus.


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Henning Larsen in Georgia - in english

Henning Larsen Architects has won the international competition for the new Aghobili Hotel in the Georgian town of Abastumani, located on the southern slope of the Meskheti Range at the entrance to the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, one of the largest national parks in Europe. The project was developed in collaboration with consulting engineers Buro Happold. “The conceptual design of the new Aghobili Hotel is rooted in the rich history and stunning landscape of Abastumani”, explains Project Manager Anders Park, Henning Larsen Architects. “The hotel has a discrete expression and appears as a natural extension of the landscape. Each room will have an uninterrupted view of the magnificent Meskheti Range.” The Abastumani summer is sunny with comfortable temperatures while the winter offers a breathtaking snow-covered landscape. The moderate climate of the Otskhe River Valley makes the area ideal for wellness and as a place of refuge. The fresh air, mild climate and isolated landscape of the Aghobili Hotel will offer tourists the rare opportunity to become immersed in nature amidst a spa sanctuary setting. ”Abastumani has a lot to offer and the area possesses a number of exceptional qualities that have the potential to make Abastumani a regional and international attraction”, tells Design Director Louis Becker, Henning Larsen Architects. “The presence of the surrounding forest pervades each space of the hotel and the fusion of historic architecture and a modern sanctuary will make the Aghobili Hotel stand out as a strong icon in Abastumani.” The 22,000 m2 hotel will comprise 200 rooms and guests will have access to modern conference facilities and a generous spa facility that stretches out into the landscape and becomes a separate part of the hotel. At the far end, a pool runs over the edge of the terrace and guests thus get a feeling of swimming out towards the tree crowns. www.henninglarsen.com