Det anerkendte design- og arkitekturmagasin Forum Aid har netop uddelt deres årlige award. Dansk arkitektur og design snuppede 2 af de 3 priser.

Kategorierne var A: arkitektur I: interior design D: design.

BIG vandt arkitekturprisen for Bjerget og Hay vandt med deres Plopp skammel designkategorien. Katrin Olina Petursdóttir fra island vandt kategorien interior design med hendes Cristal Bar.

For en mere detaljeret gennemgang af juryens motivation læs den engelske pressemeddelse.

Om Christoffer Steenbeck

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Design and architecture magazine Forum Aid has recently given away their Forum Aid Award. Danish architecture and design pinched 2 of the 3 prices. The categories were A: In architecture: interior design D design. BIG won th architectural price with Mountain Dwellings and Hay with their plopp stool took the design category. Katrin Olina Petursdóttir from Iceland won the category of interior design with her Cristal Bar. The jury’s justifications Architecture: Mountain Dwellings by BIG. Client: Høpfner A/S and Danish Oil Company A/S. Mountain Dwellings by BIG is a bold, ambitious and seemingly illogical building that on closer inspection is highly rational, as well as being a lot of fun. Situated on an unpromising suburban site, the client’s demand for both car parking and housing has been met by placing the residential element on top of the parking. The resulting bulk has been tamed by arranging the flats as if they are Alpine cabins on a hillside, each featuring a generous and well-screened terrace. With their mountain analogy BIG have successfully reduced a complex brief to something resembling an expert logotype – colourful, witty and unforgettable. Interiors: Cristal Bar by Katrin Olina Petursdottir. Client: Zenses. Of all the interiors shortlisted in this category, Katrin Olina’s Cristal Bar was the one the jury felt they would most like to experience. With every available surface covered with Olina’s graphic art, the patterns become more than just decoration and create a dream-like, immersive environment. It is a simple idea to make a two-dimensional pattern the dominant design feature of a three-dimensional space, but the result is striking. Design: Plopp by Oskar Zieta. Client: Hay. Plopp may look like a piece of contemporary art, but the process that created it is good, old-fashioned industrial design. The designers have identified an interesting new manufacturing technique that involves forming sheet steel with compressed air, and applied it to an everyday item of furniture, creating a striking new form in the process. This process contrasts strongly with that adopted by too many designers these days, who start with aesthetics and worry about technique later, often with unfortunate results. By combining technical and aesthetic innovation, the jury felt Plopp was highly deserving of this award.