Schmidt hammer lassen architects forhandler om Deichmanske Bibliotek i Oslo.

Med en 2. plads for “Meeting Place” i den stort opslåede konkurrence om det Deichmanske Bibliotek i Oslo deltager schmidt hammer lassen i disse dage i den afsluttende forhandlingsrunde. Oslo Byråd, der også forhandler med det norske arkitektteam Lund Hagem Arkitekter AS og Atelier Oslo AS, vil træffe det endelige valg efter sommerferien.

For at fortælle om “Meeting Place” til en større offentlighed, har schmidt hammer lassen architects produceret en video om projektet.

Om Christoffer Steenbeck

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DEICHMANSKE BIBLIOTEK / video - in english

SHL Architects enters negotiation phase for the Deichmanske Library SHL Architects has won 2nd Prize in an international competition for the Deichmanske Library in Oslo, Norway. In competition with the winning bid by Lund Hagem Arkitekter AS and Atelier Oslo AS, SHL Architects will now enter the final round of negotiations with the Municipality of Oslo and Hav Eiendom, the overall winner will be announced in the early summer. SHL Architects’ design for Deichmanske Library placed strong emphasis on sustainability. The practice has teamed up with Werner Sobek Green Technologies (GER), one of the world’s top specialists in creating sustainable solutions for the built environment. Partner of SHL Architects, Bjarne Hammer comments: “Our library will be totally powered by sustainable forms of energy and will be the first building to actively generate more power than it uses. These impressive sustainable credentials will complement SHL Architects’ approach to creating open, democratic library buildings that focus on creating social spaces for human interaction. To ensure the latest sustainable techniques are successfully married with shla’s design principles, the practice has sought expert advice from Professor Werner Sobek, Doctor of Engineering, to complement our expertise in this department.” SHL Architects’ collaboration with WSGreen Technologies has produced a comprehensively sustainable design strategy. The façade, partly covered in glass, contains photovoltaic cells which will convert sunlight directly into energy. More energy is generated by hydroelectric power systems connected to the nearby Akers River. The overall goal is to develop a CO2 neutral building with high comfort levels for the users and low operational costs. Sorry, the video is in norwegian.