Piiroinen har lanceret en ny bio-nedbrydelig stol i et naturfiber composit materiale.

Det er designer Samuli Naamanka som har tegnet stolen, som er et godt miks mellem lounge og lobbystol. For mere information læs den engelske tekst.

Om Christoffer Steenbeck

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PIIROINEN launches the ecological COMPOS LOBBY chair A completely new material – the seat is produced from 100% biodegradable natural fibre In the COMPOS LOBBY chair, designed by Samuli Naamanka, the traditional high criteria for public space design as well as a new way to take the environment into consideration are combined. The environment is taken into consideration by diminishing environmental impacts by choosing the correct materials in industrial production. The seat of the COMPOS LOBBY chair, is produced from 100% biodegradable natural composite fibre. The difference between natural composite fibre and other natural fibres is that it doesn’t contain any inorganic materials, not even binding substances. There is not even any oil based materials used in the chair. Due to the material choice of the seat, environmental impacts are diminished when considering the whole life cycle of the chair, from the production of the seat until dispose. After the chair has been used for a long time, the seat material can be milled and used again for the production of a new product. At the end of the life cycle, the seat can also be demolished by burning or by composing it industrially for 2000 hours, i.e. about 80 days. In practice, the seat decomposes itself throughout time, even by composting it normally, like any other organic material. The steel frame of the chair is chromed or matt chromed. This steel frame can be recycled 100% by using it as raw material for the production of stainless steel. In addition to the features and criteria of the chair that is especially designed for public spaces, ergonomics and durability are also accentuated. Thanks to the 3-D shape of the seat, it is comfortable to sit on. Also, the seat is easy to clean.